About Tourism App

Tourism app develop by a joint between Portfolio, Estudio Andreoli and Espacio Creativo

Tourism app for Business
If you need an application for iPhone, iPad, Android customizable, stable, with real-time geo location, tourism app is what you want. An application developed for tourism, for large events, perfect as a guide for your city.
Tourism App allows you to configure through a private control panel information in real time, create tourist routes, set sights, monuments, restaurants, clubs, hotels, shops.

Tourism organizations

An application designed for municipalities and organizations who want to offer a free product for tourists where they gather information about the city, tourist routes, places of interest, monuments, where to eat, where to sleep, leisure, nightlife, shopping.

Entertainment guides

An application designed for entertainment companies who want to offer an urban agenda, a product for their customers where information on local leisure, restaurants, events, where to buy, etc. is collected.

Event sponsoring brands

Tourism App is an application designed for event sponsoring brands who want to provide information about the event and about their brand. Our application allows you to add custom sections designed for competitions with interaction via QR codes.
We could organize a route marking the places to get points by scanning a QR code, giving away prizes.

Why Choose Us?

For business tourism

Tourist App is a perfect application for tourist organizations, entertainment guides, brands that sponsor events.

Ready to use

Ready-to-use application. Development and customization times are minimal compared to a development from scratch.

Safe and stable

The strength of this application is development, usability, the care for design but especially in the auto-update of the application to ensure maximum compatibility with all media and the ability to take advantage of improvements always for the same price.

We love minimalism

Aesthetically perfect, usable, useful, customizable and really simple to implement.


You can decide the modules that are added to the application. If, you need some additional functions that are not available, we will develop them for you.

Apple Store or Google Play

Using the distribution channel of Apple App Store and Google Play users can download the application simple and safe. We'll take care of uploading it to the Apple Store and it is you who decides whether distributing the app for free or paid.


All you need to launch the application is to define the categories (information, tourist routes, where to sleep, where to eat, ...), access the control panel and fill the contents with text, photos, videos, audios.

• Universal version for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android.
• Places of interest (monuments, museums and gardens).
• Guided tours.
• Calendar of Events (internet connection required).
• Guide categories (the best hotels, restaurants, shops, pubs, nightclubs).
• Full offline map to explore the city without an internet connection.
• Fully interactive, with an intuitive interface and easy to use.

What people say?

Elegant design, simple to use and manage.

Anna O.

What people say?

Usable and it can grow with extra modules.

Ximo B. Olivera

What people say?

Beautiful design, simple and pratice.

Marin R. Blanco